What  year it was in 2020! Things may have shut down, but Julie always keeps busy. Aside from the usual monologues, self tapes, and classes, Julie taped a game show and an epsiode of a docu-series (still under NDA), and starred in some more virtual script reads. She also produced and acted in the 48hr Film Project Los Angeles for the 8th time, creatimg the film Heart of a Witch. 



The big thing affecting everyone right now. How has Julie been keeping busy in quarantine? By doing what actors do best, of course! Creating. 

Julie has been busy with taping monologues, creating shorts, entering contests, self tape classes with Off Book Acting, improv classes with Level up Improv, and doing live zoom script readings with Flip the Script! 

Check out the section "Monologues and Self Tapes" to see more of what Julie's been up to lately!